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Product Reviews

Our friends at BellyBeats were kind enough to send us a Digital Fetal Doppler to review. I am 22 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. This is the first time I have used a fetal Doppler to listen to the baby's heart rate in the privacy of my own home. I started to use this almost 2 months ago and absolutely love listening to this little girls heartbeat whenever I want! This Doppler is so easy to use and has a digital readout of the baby's heart rate. It is really fun to be able to use this in between doctor visits and to share this experience with my sons, family and friends! My boys love to sit with me and listen to the baby's heartbeat and I think it has allowed them to understand there is a baby in mommy's belly!

This Doppler has been a great way to bond with my unborn baby and offers peace of mind that the baby is safe. I wish I had one of these with my first and second pregnancy!

BellyBeats offers a lot of wonderful products for expecting mother's, gifts, products for children, along with the opportunity to rent or purchase a fetal Doppler.

BellyBeats has been kind enough to offer 15% off your initial purchase from their website. Use coupon code BELLY to get this discount.

(This Review was written by Staci)

Chop Chop is a magazine for families and their children, ages 5-12. It has so many creative ideas for healthy recipes, snack ideas, cooking ideas and affordable meal ideas.

The recipes, tips and activities are outlined very clearly and really draw in your attention. This magazine is great for children to help develop healthy eating habits and offers lots of different food ideas. The recipes are affordable and nutritious.
I think it is great there is a magazine about health and nutrition for children. My children are picky eaters so I love to have a reference to fall back on for new ideas. The best part is it even gives me new ideas and helps me to focus on better eating habits and food ideas.

This magazine is issued quarterly and Chop Chop has been gracious enough to offer a 1 year subscription to one of our readers.

To enter this giveaway, please go HERE!

NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner Review and Giveaway!

One night I was up late with my youngest son and we were watching TV. A commercial came on and it really caught my attention. It was for NeatReceipts and I was glued to the TV!

I desperately need to get organized from bills, to papers, receipts, recipes, everything in my life! This portable scanner and digital filing system will help you manage all of your paperwork on the computer.

I thought this was to good too be true! I contacted the company and they were gracious enough to send a portable mobile scanner to me to try, review and offer a giveaway! This scanner comes with a software application that helps you manage all of your documents in a very organized fashion. You can also search by keyword for what you are looking for.

I am so impressed with this and have been able to go virtually paperless in my house and feel confident because I backed everything up and can find what I need so much faster than sifting through my different "organized" (or so I thought...) piles. I wasn't sure I would feel comfortable just scanning all of our important documents and recycling them, but I really do!

MommiesInMind is very excited to have an opportunity to offer this product to one lucky reader!

Please follow the directions for this giveaway HERE.

When my son was ready to go from his crib to toddler bed we had such a hard time using a traditional bed rail. It just didn't fit well in the bed frame. We tried a couple of different kinds but still we were not happy with them. My son kept falling out of his toddler bed without anything. I decided to go online to see what other options I had and found Magic Bumpers.They are a wonderful alternative bed guard. They are made of foam and are placed under a fitted mattress pad or fitted sheet. The foam is very comfortable. It is really neat because it is high enough to keep him safely in the bed and also easy for him to climb over it when getting out of bed. They can easily be trimmed to fit the bed as needed. One set is actually enough for both my older sons toddler bed and for my younger son when he is ready to transition.

I love to snuggle with my sons at night to read books and watch videos. I loved watching this DVD with them because it was engaging for them and I felt less guilty not reading to them!
This DVD is a very playful and artistic approach to teaching children letters and single words. My 2 1/2 year old really loved watching this and the animation kept his interest and the creative nature of this video really kept my interest as well. The DVD displays animation with home-based recyclable materials which I thought was very creative! The characters are very cute and made this DVD a fun approach to teaching letters and single words.
Our friends at Love To Read have graciously offered to give away one copy of this DVD.  Please leave a comment with your name and e-mail address HERE, and we will randomly select one person to receive this DVD next week.
  Check out their website to learn more http://www.lovetoread.com/.

Review of The Snack & Scribble Booster Seat

This Booster Seat is really adorable! My son loves drawing pictures on the magnetic surface and this entertains him while I prepare dinner. The play tray is easily removed and there is a full tray underneath for him to eat on. For snack time he scribbles on the surface and his snack cup sits in the little snack holder. We love this little seat because it is very easy to fold and store when we go to visit friends and family.

This is a great little seat to have and it doesn't take up much space at all! This is from Safety 1st and you can check it out here!

Like most parents, keeping our kids safe is a number 1 priority. At some point, they want to walk on their own and refuse to hold your hand. That's where The Gripsterz comes in. To your toddler it looks like a fun toy to play with, to a parent, it is a device that will protect your child. My child loved the monkey faced handle and enjoyed voicing their independence by not holding my hand. I loved the wrist band that still connected to his wrist if he chose to let go. The belt between us was adjustable and I never felt like I had him on a kiddie leash. I felt so much safer using the The Gripsterz and my son felt like a "big boy."

If you would like to try out "The Gripsterz," please leave a comment on our main posting page with your e-mail address. We will randomly select our winner with random.org and extra entries will be considered for following My Precious Kid on Facebook and Twitter. Please include in your comment which you are also planning to follow.

The Munchie Mug is wonderful!
I went to the Baby Expo in Boston months ago and learned abut the Munchie Mug. It is a "Spill-Resistant Snack Cup for Infants and Toddlers!" 

My son takes his everywhere and it really eliminates a mess in the car and at home. It is easy to use and my son loves it. All you have to do is unscrew the lid and put the snack in. There is a little cloth opening that stays closed until a child reaches in for their snack. The cloth closes by itself once the child takes his/her hand out. This mug has really eliminated lots of spills which makes mommy very happy!

Please leave your name and e-mail address on our home page as a comment if you would like to enter this giveaway. Good Luck!

Do you have a little one that seems to be able to squirm out of every swaddle you put them in?  If so, we are happy to introduce you to the Woombie.  As many of you know, swaddling provides a similar warmth and security of the womb.  We at MommiesInMind have tried various swaddling blankets and were eager to give this swaddler, developed by a registered nurse, a go.  We were a little taken aback at first.  Once we got our little one into the snuggie, we felt it looked a bit like a straight jacket.  But our little one seemed instantly soothed.  The fabric was soft and gentle on her skin and she slept soundly through the night.  Eleven hours!  The part that I loved was that although it swaddled her - the lycra fabric allowed her to stretch and move her little limbs enough so she could always be in the perfect position.  If you are looking for a safe and comfy swaddling blanket, we recommend trying the Woombie

YUMMY!! I was out last summer with my Mother's Group at an outing and they had snacks available for the kids. I stumbled across the Brothers-All-Natural Fuji Apple Fruit Crisps and was so happy for a healthy snack to give to my son. Of course Mommy had to try them and they are awesome!!! We love these and they are 100% real fruit, no yucky preservatives and no extra sugar is added. I tell my husband I have to keep buying them for the kids but I'm guilty, I eat them almost every day as my healthy snack. We contacted the company and they sent us some yummy samples. The apples are our favorite but the strawberries, pears, bananas and pineapple are absolutely delicious as well! I always keep a package (or two or three!) in my diaper bag, car and we always have them on hand in the house. They are such a fun and healthy snack to always have on hand.
We are also going to giveaway a 24 Count Variety Pack thanks to our friends at Brothers. Check out their website, they have some yummy treats to check out.

Please post your e-mail address and name on our HOME PAGE to enter and we will randomly select our winner next Monday. Keep telling your friends about MommiesInMind and refer us to your Facebook friends.

It is not that often that I find a product that I love so much I want to tell everyone about! I kind of laughed when I saw the "As Seen On TV" infomercial on TV for Heel Tastic. Then I was shopping in Bed Bath & Beyond and saw this product and figured won't hurt to try it. I LOVE it. I have horrible cracked heels and elbows and after one application of Heel Tastic they were baby-smooth soft and didn't look dry and ugly! I have been using this for the past month and really can't say enough good things about it. I use to hide my feet this time of year and cringe at the thought of wearing sandals...not anymore! It is more expensive to purchase directly, however you can get 15%-20% off with Bed Bath & Beyond coupons and if you follow the Kohl's sales you can get between 15%-30% off! I have tried dozens of different creams, lotions, and even prescriptions for my dry skin and really this is the only product that really works!!! LOVE IT!

I'm not sure if anyone has ever heard of the WubbaNub? When my son was 2 months old we were at the Dr.'s office and one of the nurses saw my son trying to keep his binky in his mouth and crying every time he lost it. She told me about this "WubbaNub"...I kind of laughed but decided it was worth trying out. I LOVE this as much as my son! They are just adorable and he can cuddle with the stuffed animal and can use the binky when he wants. The stuffed animal allows him to find his binky and he has figured out how to get it into his mouth. We have one in his crib and car seat. It is really handy! I wish I had this product when my older son was born, the true binky addict!

WubbaNub has graciously offered to participate in one of our giveaways! One person will get a free WubbaNub. Please leave a comment below with your e-mail address and next Monday we will announce the winner! And, please keep telling your family and friends about our website and follow us on Facebook too!
About a month ago I was trying to figure out how to cover my kitchen chairs because it was time for my toddler to move from his cozy high chair to his booster seat at the big boy table. I was literally trying to cover the fabric chairs with saran wrap in hopes to avoid stains! Thankfully, the Boston Baby Expo was the following weekend and I learned about a great new product invented by a mom called The Chair Bib. I was so excited to try this product out and I just love it. My son loves the cute design and mommy loves that her chairs aren’t getting stained and “crummy!” This product washes well and I’m going to order another one for a back up when one is in the wash.

I love to shop for new products and when I saw Kids ‘N’ Pets instant all-purpose stain and odor remover I was excited to try it. I thought the name was cute and was hoping it was just as much fun to tackle the many different messes my family loves to make for me! I have a toddler; an infant and a dog who all like to challenge me and make a mess. Over the past couple of weeks I have used t his product to clean up after spills on the carpet and couch, spit up from my infants reflux, dirt the dog dragged in, grass stains from my son playing outside and accidents from the dog eating too many of my sons snacks! This product got out all of the stains and odors that so nicely usually like to take residence in the couch or on the floor! I am so impressed with this product and think all children and pet owners should try it! As much as I love to shop, I hate to clean and when I find a product like this, the results make it enjoyable! The best part is it is safe to use around kids and pets which is what I worry about. I now keep a bottle on each floor of my house handy! To learn more about what this product has to offer, please check out their website http://www.kidsnpetsbrand.com/.

How many of you have children that kick and scream at the thought of eating vegetables? Does your child think that gummi fruits are part of the four food groups? I am happy to report that there may be an answer to your problem. I was fortunate enough to be able to review Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food and my 18 month old daughter could not get enough of it. Ella’s Kitchen was established by Paul Lindley, who wanted his daughter to not only know how to eat healthy, but that it could be fun as well.

Ella’s Kitchen offers a variety of 100% organic fruit and vegetable purees in easy to handle squeezable pouches. My daughter sampled a number of their products, such as Carrots, Apples & Parsnips, Broccoli, Pears & Peas, and Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Apples & Blueberries. Knowing how she loved sweet potatoes, I offered these to her first. She was immediately intrigued by the pouch and after showing her how to use it, she was sipping the puree like a pro. Needless to say, that packet was empty within two minutes. This could be good, I thought to myself.

As the week progressed, she actually began to clap when she saw the pouches approaching. We had them with breakfast, she snacked on one as we walked the lake, and also enjoyed one in her car seat while running errands. I am so thrilled to have found Ella’s Kitchen. I would recommend Ella’s Kitchen without a moment’s hesitation. My daughter looks forward to having Ella’s items and I feel great giving them to her. As much as I love offering her cereal or crackers to munch on for a snack, I am beyond happy to know that now I can give her fruits and vegetables by simply taking a pouch out of my pantry or diaper bag.

To try Ella’s Kitchen for yourself, visit them at:  Ella's Kitchen

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